Rafi Gift Lounge is a gifting company that was launched by renowned celebrity jeweler Rafi Anteby. His unique jewelry collection Bullets 4 Peace has been worn by some of the most famous and influential people around the world. With a strong cause marketing campaign and a clear message of love and unity, Rafi has started a movement worldwide with his custom jewelry line. How did he build such a strong brand? Rafi started by promoting his line and paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to participate in many gift suites and events.  Through these efforts, he learned the hard way what it takes to move the needle forward in the evergreen world of consumer demand.  He mastered how to create brand loyalty and how to use gift events to maximize his brand awareness.  Moreover, he learned how to leverage his presence at these gifting events to launch strategic digital marketing campaigns that generate millions of dollars in online sales. Bullets 4 Peace has over 40 million impressions a month and is featured regularly on popular TV programs in the USA. 

Everything that Rafi does, from his jewelry to art, to his gift lounges are inspired by his worldwide travels and unique lifestyle.  His stories from around the world attracts the attention of celebrities, influencers and media, all wanting to know what is Rafi up to next?  So, he decided to use his experience and influence to help other brands grow and make a strong statement in this ever-changing marketplace. Rafi Gift Lounge curates the most exclusive brands in travel, health & wellness, fashion, beauty and more to gift to top celebrities and influencers through award season and beyond. Rafi Gift Lounge has become the most noticeable celebrity event for brands with over 100 media articles within the last year alone. He’s built a strong brand that others can leverage to really stand out and shine – Rafi Gift Lounge truly is “the brand behind the brand”. With so many friendships in Hollywood, Rafi has a clear understanding of what celebrities really want and how to get their attention.  When he is not traveling to exotic destinations, he is here in LA making connections in the industry.  Rafi is a trusted friend to many in Hollywood and this is why so many celebrities and social media influencers flock by the hundreds to the Rafi Gift Lounge.  Rafi Gift Lounge only partners with brands that align with our vision.  Rafi puts a lot of work into helping his brand partners grow, so he is very selective on the brands that he chooses to support. Each brand goes through a screening process and is handpicked by Rafi personally. Only the top brands are invited to join his exclusive gifting events. Rafi Gift Lounge has been earmarked the best gift suite in Hollywood by reinventing the concept of celebrity gifting and creating a lifestyle experience for brands to connect with celebrities, media, and influencers.