Butterfly TAO Meditation

with Rafi Anteby

Wednesdays 5:00 pm


Join Rafi as he takes you on a Taoist journey for 90 min to learn about the principles of Taoism and how do we leave as one with nature.
Rafi Chose to build for this experience a unique place he likes to call
In this journey, you will experience a 30 min lecture and tea ceremony by Rafi, and then he will take you through the meditation driven from the ancient practice of the Taoist Zen called ZAZEN.
After learning its basics you will walk into a butterfly sanctuary, where you will be lying down surrounded by over 100 butterflies and listen to the main book of the Taoism
written by
The inspiration to the experience camera to Rafi from one of the most famous insights written by a Taoist Sage named

IN ZHUANGZI 莊子, an ancient Chinese text written by Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi during the late Warring States period (476–221 BCE), a story tells that Zhuang Zhou once dreamed he was a butterfly, flitting and fluttering around, happy, and doing as he pleased. As a butterfly, he did not know he was Zhuang Zhou. All of a sudden, he awoke and found he was Zhuang Zhou, solid and unmistakably human. But then he did not know whether he was Zhuang Zhou dreaming he was a butterfly or a butterfly dreaming he was Zhuang Zhou. In the end, Zhuangzi wrote, there was necessarily a difference between Zhuang Zhou and the butterfly; this difference was the ‘transformation of things’ 物化. The transformation is a change in consciousness between reality and illusion. The constant flux between dreams and awakening leads the ‘self’ to change from being unaware of the distinction of things to being aware of the definite distinction between and among things.