With Suraya Erikkson & Alan Steinfeld

“Mid-Summer Night
of Enlightenment”

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Sunday, June 19th 3 -7 pm


“Mid-Summer Night of Enlightenment”

  3-7pm PST June 19th 2022.


   All speaker and artist proceeds of this event will go to O.U.R.:

        O.U.R. is a non-profit organization that rescues kids from the sex slave trade:

  Operation Underground Railroad




International Kundalini Symposium brings together some of today’s most prominent voices in the small pool of kundalini-awakened individuals to demystify this mysterious phenomenon. From personal accounts and yogic practices, to research and historical perspective, this compelling panel of speakers will weave together both the mystical and practical perspectives on the rise of kundalini energy to transform our lives and humanity.


Kundalini Awakening

      Initiation into the Mystic Path


   What is Kundalini?

You have within you a latent energy waiting to transform your life known as Kundalini. This legendary power is believed to catalyze spiritual evolution. For centuries, the secrets of kundalini have been guarded by masters and buried in esoteric texts around the globe. Many people teach kundalini yoga, but few have actually experienced a kundalini awakening.


The evening of magic also includes a sitar concert, sacred music, DJ, and other entertainment throughout the evening.


3pm - DJ

3:30– Sitar concert, Sacred Song, & Kirtan

4-5:30 - Kundalini Awakening - Initiation Into The Mystic Path Symposium

5:30 – 7pmKimberly Meredith gives sample Medical Medium Readings to select audience,  Dj & Various Artists




Offered live and Online    






      Suraya Erikkson

Author of “God & The Evolution of Orgasm,” a book about her Kundalini Awakening