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What is Rafi Lounge NFT?

About Rafi Lounge NFT

Rafi Lounge NFT is a utility based NFT project which incorporates many facets of the Rafi Lounge Business into its operations. The NFT itself is not only great art, but also a Lifetime Membership to Rafi Lounge and all of its future locations. Each NFT Holder will also own a percentage of the physical Malibu Mandala made by Rafi at Rafi Lounge, which has been fractionalized within its art for specific ownership of each piece.

NFT Perks

  • Access to all Wellness & Workout Classes

  • Access to all Co-Working & Meeting Spaces

  • 50% Discount on Venue Fee for hosting an event at the Lounge 

  • Lifetime Membership Access to all Future Rafi Lounge Locations (Miami, Newport, Austin, Scottsdale)

  • Monthly Educational Web3/NFT Nights

  • Monthly Educational Wellness/Guru Nights

  • Access to Online Sessions with Guest Speakers

  • Free Access to Rafi Lounge Annual Retreats (Does not include housing and food)

  • Free Access to the Oxygen Wellness Bar

  • On your Birthday you will be able to reserve an Ocean View Cabana for Free. 

  • 50% Discount for an NFT Holder Guest who attends a class with the NFT Holder

  • Networking opportunities with other entrepreneurs, founders & artists.


Rafi, Founder

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