Qigong & Soundbath

with Rafi Anteby
and guests

Sunday Nights 8 pm

The Shaolin Temple have two famous Qigong forms: Yi Jin Jing (Muscle /Tendon Changing) and Xi Sui Jing (Bone Marrow Cleansing). Xi Sui Jing means cleanse your bone marrow. Shaolin Monks believe that practicing this Qigong keeps the bone marrow fresh and prevents the slowing down of the production of new blood cells due to the aging process.
Rafi will teach the entire series of movements and the breathwork for the next three Sundays.


Thousands of years ago the Taoist Sages developed the

Taoist Alchemy
Rafi will take you on his journey to learn about those hidden treasures and will teach them for the first time out in the open.

This art was taught to Rafi by 104 years old Master Wei in Beijing, while Rafi Studied medical Qiong at the
Traditional Chinese Medical UIniversity of Beijing.
Later Rafi moved to the mountains of Wudang, home of the Taoist monks, where he obtained further knowledge in the fighting and healing arts of the Taoist monks.