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1. Event Types:
   a. Movie or Filming Events:
      - Vendors organizing movie or filming events must provide all necessary documents as required by the City of Malibu law and regulations.
   b. Events Requiring City Permits:
      - For events that require city permits, all permits must be filled in advance, a minimum of 45 days prior to the event.
      - The vendor is responsible for all fees associated with obtaining the event permit.
2. Insurance and Other Requirements:
   - Vendors interested in using our beautiful location for events must fulfill the following requirements:
     a. Provide proof of insurance coverage.
     b. Comply with any additional requirements specified by the venue.
3. Application and Deposit:
   - To secure the event date, interested parties must complete an application and submit a 50% deposit of the agreed amount.
   - The deposit is nonrefundable.
4. Natural Disasters:
   - In the event of a natural disaster such as a storm, earthquake, or similar occurrence, the venue will allow rescheduling of the event.
   - The vendor may reuse the location on a different date, subject to availability.

Please note that this document serves as a general guideline. For more detailed information and specific requirements, please contact Rafi Lounge directly.

Rafi Lounge Event Space Policies

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