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Welcome to our transformative wellness sanctuary in Malibu, where unobstructed ocean views of the Golden Coast inspire rejuvenation. Whether you're seeking a day retreat or visiting from afar, our sanctuary offers a unique experience that embraces community and mindfulness. Immerse yourself in a nurturing environment that fosters connection and personal growth. Jump in and out of classes as you please, from invigorating workout sessions to serene sound baths, yoga, meditation, and more. Feel the sense of belonging as you connect with like-minded individuals on a path of mindfulness and well-being. Embrace the beauty of our surroundings while utilizing our inspiring outdoor co-working space, where work and wellness harmoniously coexist. Welcome to a place where breathtaking views, transformative classes, a thriving co-working environment, and a supportive community converge for an unforgettable experience of personal transformation and connection.


Rafi Anteby was born in Israel. During his younger years Rafi was inspired to pursue Kung Fu 8 hours a day for 4 years, partly due to his classmates bullying him. However, at 18, he had to join the Israeli Army and last his platoon of 30 soldiers during the Lebanon War. He took this event as a sign that - “God wasn't done with him yet."

After this event Rafi moved up the ranks and later became an officer in the Israeli Army. Shortly after completing his duties he immediately began his spiritual journey, by studying under his Grand Master Chan Hong Chung and Master Cheng Yee Keung in Hong Kong for 10 hours a day of Kung Fu & Tai Chi and other ancient modalities.

Diving into the next chapter of his life Rafi moved to South Africa for 8 years and opened up multiple Kung Fu Schools and taught Hand-to-Hand Combat for the largest private army in the world. During his time there Rafi represented South Africa in the Shaolin Temple where he won his first world title, as well as acting in the movie “Who am I?”, with Jackie Chan. However, Rafi wasn't meant to continue his journey and was invited to travel to the United States with his team.

Once there, Rafi decided to make America his home and became a well known teacher in the art of Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Just as life seemed to really be turning in Rafi's favor he was diagnosed with AMD, a disease which leads to blindness in both eyes. Not sure what he would see in his life next, he decided to pack up and move to Beijing to go to the Chinese Medical University of Beijing. There he mastered the art of medical Qigong and was invited to stay at the Daoist Monastery to further his horizon with Tai Chi & Qigong. Rafi had healed what was known as an incurable disease which was going to lead his eyes to going blind, through Qigong.

Rafi packed up his bags yet again, and moved back to the USA, where he used his knowledge and wisdom to heal and teach many in America. He decided to get creative and create Bullets4Peace in honor of his childhood friend who was tragically shot and passed away. Bullet4Peace turned into a respectable worldwide philanthropy jewelry brand supported by Drake, Jamie Foxx, Rihanna, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, and Eva Langoria.

After realizing what he can do with his creativity and business mindset, Rafi created Rafi Lounge in Malibu. A mainly open air deck wellness/workspace lounge overseeing the Pacific Ocean. A mixture of many cultures, Rafi cultivated Rafi Lounge to have a Tulum/Bali vibe, hold esteemed and established members, all while being a venue for entrepreneurs, celebrities, fitness & wellness gurus, digital nomads, artists, and many other individuals who come from all walks of life.



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