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Saturday, June 8th 1:00 - 3:30 pm

By attending, this special event, “Your Destined Soulmate”, you open up the path for your destined soulmate to come into your life quickly. You may even meet them at the event itself!

During our time together, Ishita and Francesca will be guided by spirit to intuitively read some participants from the audience to help them find out what their soulmate is like, what can help bring them in, and identify & help them move past any blockages that might be preventing the connection from manifesting. They will also give details on how to deepen the relationship with someone’s soulmate, how to connect to them this lifetime, and explain why they decided to come together on a soul level.

They may also bring up past lives, messages from loved ones on the other side, aura colors, soul contracts, look at divine feminine/divine masculine energy, and anything else that intuitively comes up that’s important for you to know to connect to your soulmate.

Not everyone will get a reading, but the readings that will be shared will contain messages that apply to everyone for their deepest healing and guidance.

Recognizing your soulmate by trusting your intuition when they arrive in your life will be an invaluable gift. Ishita and Francesca will help you awaken your powerful intuitive abilities, and take you through a guided intuitive meditation to meet and be in the energy of your true soulmate so you can manifest them quickly into your life.

They will also show you how to release any ancestral blockages or limiting beliefs you may have that prevent you from having the type of love, relationships, and the dreams vou so desire in this lifetime. Everyone will be able to participate in this and take these tools with them.


Ishita Bhama is a guide for people to access deep healing and develop their intuitive abilities. 

She is a Psychic, Medium, and Energy Healer who is an intuitive channel for divine information.  She reads auras, past lives, relationships, connects with spirit guides & loved ones who have passed, sees your next steps in life, can work with your soul contracts, and help you come back into your power and certainty. 


She was born a gifted clairvoyant and has loved teaching people tools to connect deeply with their intuition and heal their lives. Ishita continues to help thousands of people through her readings, classes, private coaching, and teachings. 

Instagram: @clairvoyanthealerishita / TikTok Clairvoyant Healer Ishita X @IshitaBhama / Facebook: Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

YouTube: Clairvoyant Healer Ishita / Website: / YouTube: Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

Listen to her podcast: Soul Healer on Spotify and all podcast streaming services &Watch her new show “Your Divine Intuition” on Soul Search TV.


Francesca Bandino is a Psychic Medium, Fine Artist, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Teacher. In her work as a Medium, Francesca brings through messages from the other side for healing and guidance to help you move forward in this lifetime. She does this by communicating with loved ones who have passed, the Angels, your Spirit Team, the Ascended Masters, and your Higher Self. 


Francesca’s mission is to help people continue their journey of healing and growth through her Spiritual work and her artwork. She wants those who work with her to know that we are never alone. We will always be guided and supported when we ask for help.


Instagram: @francescabandino_artistmedium

Facebook: @FrancescaBandinoArtistMedium

YouTube: @francescabandinoartistmedium


To find out more/receive email and snail mail from her: 

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