Rafi Lounge is an exclusive members wellness and lifestyle club. An oasis located in the heart of Malibu California. This experience is brought to you by one man’s unique journey & experiences throughout his life.


We are redefining what it means to create an uplifting & inspiring atmosphere. Rafi Lounge blends the ancient traditions of the east to expand the mind, body, & spirit to all of our members & guests to give an expansive experience.


We offer organic beverages, herbal teas and tonics. As you sip to your health, our members enjoy an unobstructed view of the California coastline. Our sun filled mornings, breathtaking sunsets, and moonlit evenings on our 2000 sq ft outdoor patio will remind you why we live in Southern California. 


We will feature live streamed lessons such as Tai chi, Qi Gong, and Yoga with guided meditations from remote locations around the world. It is our honor to present some of the world's most profound gurus and masters who were hand selected just for you to create a genuine mind, body, spirit, experience.


 We are excited to have you all become a part of this journey and experience,  build new memories and relationships all while connecting to your higher self. We look forward to seeing you and having you become a part of the Rafi Lounge network and family. 



Hannah roberts

Hannah mission is to help others connect with themselves. Since birth she has had passion for the combination of music & movement. Hannah is certified in Yoga and Fitness.  She brings a special emphasis on moving to the music in her classes. Using the vibrations and beats outside of you, to go deeper within yourself, your breath, your flow. 

Agi Pieterwas

Agnieszka teaches an asana class based on vinyasa. In her class you will move smoothly from one asana to another, working on linking the breath to the movement by creating a beautiful dance of the body. She emphasizes the breath (pranayama) which helps the body to heat up internally, and stay focused. This amazing connection of movement and breathing creates heat, tapas needed for transformation, the change. Sweating cleanses the body, staying focused results in pratyahara, and eventually leads to dharana, dhyana, and samadhi.

Chris Jackson

Chris Jackson teaches a yoga class based on Hatha Yoga. In his class you will breath & move smoothly. 

Sweating cleanses the body, staying focused results in pratyahara, and eventually leads to dharana, dhyana, and samadhi.

Madeleine Barmark

Certified to teach Power, Yin, Smartflow and Ashtanga, primary series.  Personal practice is Ashtanga and she finds it just as important to be a dedicated student as it is to be a seasoned teacher. Its like that saying,  In order to help others we need to work on ourselves first. And it is through that work she can relate with all of her students and their practice. 


Kat Linehan has led movement meditation for over 20 years and is a sports medicine certified personal trainer/body therapist. A fitness innovator, Kat created FORM®, to bring forth whole body health in heart, mind and soul. She is part of an international community of peacemakers who are called to healing, unifying and transforming the world with film and creative activism.

rafi anteby

Rafi Anteby is a Kung Fu Tai Chi & Qigong Mater.

with over 40 years of experience in the arts Rafi bring a wealth of knowledge that embodies power of the mind, body and soul.

Rafi gain his knowledge studying in Israel, South Africa, and been a disciple of the world master of Hong Gar Kung Fu in Hong Kong.

In addition Rafi spent time as a Tai Chi & Kung fu monk at the Taoist Purple Cloud Monastery in Wudang Mountains, China, and later studied medical Qigong at the tradition medical university of Beijing. 

Lindsey Valdez

Lindsey Valdez is a renowned yoga and meditation instructor who has taught at some of the most elite studios from New York City to Los Angeles for the past decade such as: Pure Yoga NYC, The Yoga Collective LA, & Equinox Sports Clubs to name a few.  Lindsey's classes seek to target the inner strength, grace, and harmonious spirit within all of her students!  

Kali Basman

 International and intentful Yin & Restorative Yoga teacher Kali Basman,blends Chinese Medicine, Five Elements, and Buddhist Philosophy into a potent lunar Yin Yoga practice. On the textured path of mindful healing,  Kali is celebrated for her philosophical eloquence surrounding psychological self-inquiry, embodied Anatomy, Integrated Physiology, Buddhist Philosophy of Equanimity,


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