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About us

 Rafi Lounge is a wellness and lifestyle exclusive members club. An oasis in the heart of Malibu California, this vision is brought to you by one man based on his unique lifetime experiences. 


 In times where mankind is looking for new creative outlets, a safe and healthy environment while social distancing, we help our members explore new ways to enhance their lifestyle. Rafi Lounge offers ancient traditions to uplift mind, body, & soul, to all of our private members and guests while creating  a full sensory experience. 


 We present all organic beverages, teas and tonics, while you enjoy an unobstructed view of the California coastline. Beautiful sea breeze mornings, breathtaking sunsets, and moonlit evenings are just some of the rejuvenating benefits of our lounge. 


 During evening hours, our members will be able to enjoy live lessons. Tai chi, qi gong, yoga with guided meditations that will be live-streamed from remote locations around the world on our  life-size screen.  Some of the world's most inaccessible gurus and masters and personal friends of Rafi, and were hand selected just for you to have the most beautiful and amazing experience. 


 A lot of these classes will be provided daily, such as sunrise tai chi, qi- gong and sunset yoga. We also look forward to sharing  some special events with you, like our full moon meditations under the open sky.  Proceeds from our Extravaganza Of The Senses events, will be donated to help the communities and causes supported by our gurus.


 Rafi Lounge strongly believes in sustainability and maintaining a healthy planet for ourselves and all living creatures.  All of our food and drinks are provided by the best organic kitchens in L.A.,  and will be served on sustainable/ recycled dish-ware and cutlery.


 Some of the most talented and renowned top designers, created our immersive ambiance bringing our members around the world while never leaving Malibu California. These geographical locations are not only displayed through our lovely decor, but through the art created by Rafi Anteby himself,  displayed in our gorgeous showroom. His art reflects his travels around the planet, the relationships he built, and the experiences he obtained. 


 We are excited to have you all become a part of this journey and experience,  build new memories and relationships all while connecting to your higher self. We look forward to seeing you and having you become a part of the Rafi Lounge network and family.