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Special Evening of 

Saturday, April 20th, 2:00 - 10:00 pm
6:00 pm Special guest Lecture:


Step into a world of artistic wonder at our upcoming event, "An Evening with Rafi." In this captivating evening, we will showcase the diverse and mesmerizing artworks created by Rafi. Prepare to be inspired as Rafi takes you on a journey through his artistic evolution, sharing the profound impact of meditation on his creative process. Discover the ancient meditation technique that unlocks the subconscious and brings it to life on the canvas. Rafi will unveil a collection of new art pieces created with vibrant watercolors, as well as a unique display of his first-time photography and artwork featuring Charcoal powder. And don't miss his specialty mandalas, intricately crafted with real natural sand. This extraordinary event is a celebration of the senses, transporting you on a mystical journey through time. Open your eyes, ears, and all other senses to experience the magic of Rafi's artistry.

Drawing inspiration from his years of travel throughout Southeast Asia, Rafael Anteby has created a singularly unique body of work, which includes traditional mineral mandalas. Having studied under the guidance of Tibetan monks, the artist utilizes ancient techniques to fabricate intricate designs out of sand, 24-karat Thai gold, crushed diamonds and other semi-precious stones.


Mandala making is a revered form of meditation; the temporal exercise is a study in the pursuit of precision and patience and an integral part of Tibetan Buddhism. Once the pattern is created, the monks wash away the minerals, only to begin the meditation again. Mastering art forms both physical and spiritual, Anteby now gives permanence to these otherwise ethereal, fleeting designs and customs.

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